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Outras blafémias intoleráveis VI

One of the most controversial, and some would say, scurrilous films of the last year has been the box-office blockbuster, The General Synod's _Life of Christ_. Sarah Gould talked to Lawrence Vironconium - Bishop of Wroxeter, the director of the film, and Alexander Walker, one of its stoutest critics.

The film deals with the story of the rise of a humble carpenter's son, one Jesus Christ, to fame and greatness, but many people have seen in the film a thinly disguised and blasphemous attack on the life of Monty Python. Python worshippers say that it sets out to ridicule by parody the actual members of Monty Python who even today, of course, are worshipped throughout the Western World.

O resto do sketch do Not the 9 o'clock News.
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